3 Things to consider before buying a hedge trimmer

There are a few key questions to bear in mind when browsing hedge trimmers and the purpose for your model of choice.

  1. Think about where your hedges are – would a corded model suffice or do you need a cordless hedge trimmer? Are they up high, where you’ll need a light weight model that’s easier to move around? Long-reach hedge trimmers are another option to consider.
  2. How large is the area of your garden that you’ll have to trim? How long would it take you approximately? If it’s well over an hour, you may want to consider a more powerful model to cut down the time and effort taken to trim your hedges.
  3. Which type of hedges do you have? Are they the ornamental, slightly more delicate, and flowering kind, or rather more established and rigid, dividing hedges?

Hopefully, now you’ll have a good idea of the type of hedge trimmer you’ll be best suited to from the range on offer in the Australian market: