Cordless Power Drill Set

POWERFUL & VERSATILE: Compact Li-ion 2000mAh DIY drill with 1 hour FAST charge and an improved 2 speed gearbox – easily drills through wood, metal and other materials. It is equipped with 23 accessories, which includes 9 x sleeves, 2 x two-way drill bits, glass drill bits sets, 5 x twist drill bits.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our innovative, compact electric cordless drill features with built-in LED work lights to help you work in hard to see spaces and a soft grip handle to maximise handling comfort and lessen fatigue when tackling the toughest of tasks!

ERGONOMIC: This 20V cordless drill set gives you variable speed control and unique electric safety brake system.

EASY TO USE: Change drill bits easily and alternate between a choice of 2 gears (for high and low speed drilling & driving – first gear provides greater torque and control and second gear provides greater speed).

RECHARGEABLE: The Li-ion battery pack provides a high-power output level and enables a substantial number of charging cycles. Quick-change action on the spring-loaded battery pack allows you to quickly remove the battery.

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